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I laughed when I found out a website customer was going to hire a writer to provide content for their website. Much to his surprise I include creative services and writing in every project.

I have been published many times including an article that was published in Money Magazine.  I have written articles that are all over the Internet and traditional magizines and paper distribution. Just Google “Robert Kothe” and you will find many links. Most of them are article written by me.

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I am also the author of the book, “Millionaires’ Secrets Revealed” This was based on my lifelong research of self-made successful people, business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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What’s In It for You?

The Key to good website writing is to answer what’s in it for the reader. In business, success comes form solving problems. What keeps your readers awake at night. Do they have a broken Lawn Mower? Do they need Lawnmower Repair?

Is your reader looking to save money on Group Health InsuranceAre you offering unique advertising opportunities such as advertising on a pizza box?   Perhaps you provide military grade electrical RFI Filters and other custom electrical components

When someone is reading a website they are trying to figure out what is in it for them. If they find what they are looking for the might do business with you.

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