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These days you can’t throw a rock without hitting a marketing consultant. There are social media experts, search engine optimization experts, website consultants, website intermediaries (and so on).

Call me what you want, when all is said and done you will have a professional website with custom graphic design and good writing.

When I meet people I tell them I own a website design firm where I create custom websites and then my clients can maintain and update the websites in-house.

Sometimes I feel like I am not acting fancy enough but deep down in my heart I know that companies like Google have one rule. The rule is that people like me are not supposed to know all of the rules. Unless you want to throw a lot of money at the problem, the websites that float to the top are sincerely a good resource and a good fit for what people are searching for.

What’s the difference between a website developer and a marketing consultant and are they all the same?

Mow Lawns VS Landscaper?

When I was younger I used to mow about 12 of my neighbors lawns. At the time I said I mowed lawns but looking back now I did not realize that I owned a professional landscaping business. It is all semantics. Or is it?

It feels like many of these “experts” sub-contract most of the pieces and don’t actually build websites or do graphic design. They outline a 1 or 2 year path where over time your website is supposed to move up in the ranks. Many search engine professionals do indeed know what they are doing but most of the time businesses are really looking for a good on-line presence.  I can give them that good on-line presence and build the site in the spirit of search engine optimization.

The Spirit of Search engine Optimization:
 By setting a goal to create a good website that is a great resource to the user the cream usually rises to the top. Many of the project that I have created can be found on the first page of Google naturally and un-paid.   

Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Economic Evaluation Group:

I started as the website developer for Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. and I was brought on as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. I manage E-mail campaigns, maintain the website, do professional business networking, do lead generation, sales and marketing.

Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. is an employee benefits firm that specializes in saving companies money with Health Insurance without compromising quality of service. Because it is a regulated industry by the New York State Department of Insurance I got licensed in 2008. My license is for the sale of Life Insurance and Health Insurance.

This does not affect my website business in any way.     

A business person not a programmer:
We use a unique website design tool that is backed by a company with over 300 employees. This allows us to be business people first since the franchise that we work with provides a graphic user interface that is easy to use and complete. 

Every website is automatically a marketing project
Since we are business people first and not just programmers, every website we sell includes marketing ideas, good writing and the spirit of search engine optimization.

Contact us and see how we can help you.     

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