“A Generalist with Specialties”

It sounds like a contradiction when I describe myself as a “Generalist with Specialties” but in my case, it really hits the mark. I can see the big picture but have enough skills and contacts to put projects in motion and get results.

The Secret is:

  • I surround myself with smart people who are good at what they do.
  • I believe in and use the power of networking.
  • I work with proven systems.
  • And . . . I sincerely want to learn from others and create a win-win relationship

RobertKothe.com Projects and Affiliations

Factxback –  (Pop-Up) Factxback is the business home page for Robert Kothe’s business. This is where services such as website design, Web Video and Marketing can be found.

InternetMadeEZ.com –  (Pop-up) InternetMadeEZ.com is where our website customers go to administer their websites. This website is backed by a company with unlimited technical support and over 300 employees. Using cutting edge technology website customers are able to maintain, control and add on to their websites. This is not a template design package. All websites can be customized and branded to meet the businesses needs. Find out more with a free website demo.

WCT Training – Robert Kothe is a Certified Trainer with MAWebcenters.com, the parent company behind InternetMadeEZ.com . As a Certified Trainer he is only one of a small handful of people authorized to teach WebCenter sales classes and show individuals how to create an additional income selling business quality websites. The company provides product specialists, professional graphic artists and unlimited technical support to help support website customers. Rober Kothe often co-trains with Daniel O’Connor. Both Robert and Daniel are President’s WebCenter Challenge Winners.

Robert and Cathy Kothe's Market America Web Portal http://www.marketamerica.com/madeez/ (Pop-Up) – As an Independent Distributor to Market America, each Distributor is given an innovative and cutting edge Web Portal. This provided preferred customers to access to thousands of stores, millions of products and even get cash back.

Vice President of sales and Marketing for Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. – One of Robert’s website customers, Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. liked Robert’s marketing ides that they brought him on as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Economic Evaluation Group specializes in saving companies money with employee benefits, (especially Group Health Insurance), without sacrificing the quality of coverage.  Click here to learn more. Robert became a Licensed Insurance Broker with the State of New York.

LIBRANetworking.comLIBRA is an informal business organization where business owner and salespeople get together around once a month and network. Robert Kothe is a leader in LIBRA as well as the website developer for LIBRA. Click here to go to LIBRA Networking

LovesGarfield.com (Pop-Up) – Robert’s wife, Cathy, is a world-class collector of Garfield© Collectables. (Copyright Paws Inc.) LovesGarfield.com is a website Robert put together to show some of their Garfield collection. They have close to 7000 so the website is nowhere close to completion. 

JoinTheOdds – (Pop-up) You have heard of beating the odds? This usually implies that a person gets away with bad eating habits and a sedimentary lifestyle without consequence. Instead of defying the odds this project is about joining the odds and taking steps to help live a healthy lifestyle. Since there is a connection between wellness, and Health Insurance as well as excellent Market America anti-aging and wellness products, Robert put together a website to tie it all together.

Robert Kothe’s Facebook Pagehttp://www.facebook.com/Robert.Kothe.USA (Pop-Up) Social networking is a rapidly growing segment in society. Robert keeps his Facebook page up-to-date with photos, a profile and friends.

Robert Kothe’s LinkedIn Page - http://www.linkedin.com/in/robertkothe   (Pop-Up) LinkedIn is accepted as the premier Business Social networking Website. Although it is not as fun as Facebook, Robert’s LinkedIn page is up-to-date.

LongIslandTodo.comhttp://www.longislandtodo.com As a native Long Island resident, born and raised on Long Island,  Robert Kothe is proud of the island that he calls home. LongIslandToDo.com is a project started to help people find things to do on Long Island, New York (NY). It is a work in progress.

MentalPunctuation.com –  (Pop-Up) This project idea came from an article that Robert Kothe wrote. He had so much fun with the concept he turned it into a website.


The goal of this website us to tie together the many hats that Robert Kothe wears. The goal is not to re-invent and re-create every website related to Robert Kothe such as his company’s website www.factxback.com

NOTE: Instead of re-inventing and re-creating this website will often link to the relevant page of Robert’s other website. This will be done using pop-ups so please allow pop-up’s within this website.

Services Include:

Business Websites – (Pop-Up) We have a solution where your business website is professionally created but you can maintain, add pages and update it in-house. We are less expensive then most website companies and provide a good value. Every website we sell is e-commerce enabled.

Marketing Consulting – Every website project becomes a marketing project. Why just get advice from others when you can get results and a completed project from us. 

Web Video – Low-price video projects for the web.

Other Videos (Pop-Up to factxback.com video page) – Our contacts can provide broadcast quality video production, DVD’s and professional editing services.

Writing – Articles, content creation and marketing copy.

Author of Millionaires’ Secrets Revealed by Robert Kothe – (This is a Pop-Up to the Millionaires’ Secrets Revealed page on Factxback.com 

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